Computer games

3D apps

  • Technologies: 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unity 3D

We are also heavily involved in gaming industry. One of our recent projects was preparing 3D web-based and mobile small game simulating Orzesze city Mayor’s life. Also of note, during our cooperation with one of the major Polish game developing companies, we prepared a set of gamearts that were part of few HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) games. During our free time, some of our workers developed (just as a hobby) little mobile games for Android

  • Simple city simulator, where the player can build factories, houses etc.
  • Game arts for standalone and mobile HOPA games (renders, models, etc.)
  • space shooter 2D game released exclusively for Windows Phone platform
  • single player 2D racing game on Android and Windows Phone platforms
  • physics based 3D game for standalone and mobile platforms