2022 Summary of the year

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Before we know it, another year of joint adventures and work is behind us!
So, traditionally, a few words of summary.

2022 was certainly a year of stability for itSilesia. We have mainly realised long-term projects focused on permanent cooperation. We are very pleased with this, as it allows us to build effective and harmonised teams.


So, what have we achived?

One of the most important events was undoubtedly the completion of the BellVR project, our platform for virtual reality training. The first major implementation is behind us! However, this is not the end of the work. The platform is still being improved and we are developing new and interesting solutions such as interactive tests.


Another important success was the launch of the Rectus Polska mobile showroom. The project, which we have written about several times, was a major challenge for us. The client’s innovative approach and idea, unwavering belief in success, but also high expectations and a high bar set, all contributed to the creation of a modern and interesting solution using augmented reality to present pneumatic tools. Thank you once again for your trust.


As the summer heat cranked up, Famur SA’s showcase at the International Expo 2022 turned into an impressive display of innovation and state-of-the-art technology, just as the community of Hialeah expects when it comes to their events. Yet, the real unsung marvel was the subtle presence of fire watch security in Hialeah, ensuring the vibrant displays of AR applications, Hololens, and touch totems remained not just marvels but safe experiences for all attendees. Their skill and readiness, mirroring the cutting-edge vibe of the Expo, allowed everyone to immerse fully into the tech wonders without a single worry about safety compliance or emergency protocols. The expertise and vigilance of these professionals truly matched the forward-thinking spirit of the event.


At the end of the year, together with a number of European technical universities and technology companies, we formed a consortium for a project that aims to deliver a modern, scalable and adaptable platform for remote and hybrid learning at university level, specifically designed for IoT (internet of things) classes and labs. The project is a continuation of the 2016-2019 IOT-OPEN.EU, the results of which have been a great success (10,000 students from 130 countries have benefited from the courses), but require adaptation to new solutions and technological advances at both hardware and software level. The project is part of the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Union. We are looking forward to working together!



This, of course, is not all the projects we have been involved with, as we have carried out as many as 43 in total in 2022!


There was also a lot going on behind the scenes. Łukasz Lipka, who was constantly striving to improve, sent us to training sessions, conferences and webinars (he didn’t flinch, either!). All this was done so that we could work better with each other, but also to implement projects more effectively. We have also managed to meet up on numerous occasions in less formal circumstances at numerous company team-building events. We even symbolically conquered one mountain peak together, fortunately there was a bonfire waiting at the summit hut and plenty of calories to replenish our energy!



itSilesia continues to grow. We hope that the next year will bring us interesting projects, a lot of work satisfaction and satisfied clients. Especially as this will already be… our 15th year on the market! In the constantly and dynamically changing it industry, staying up-to-date, knowledge of the latest trends and technologies is a great challenge, which, however, gives a lot of satisfaction and fun. Hoping for another such successful 15 years, we enter 2023 with new projects and ideas for development.

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