Trade fair applications – Sink or Soar?

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Trade fair applications – Sink or Soar?

Whether it is worth investing in multimedia at the trade fair stand.


When planning their participation in a trade fair as an exhibitor, companies race to come up with ideas to attract visitors. After all, the aim is to generate interest in the offer, build brand awareness and establish business relations that will bear fruit in the future. Regardless of whether you are presenting a product or service, you need something to make your trade fair visitors interested. 


The ways are warious – a rich gastronomic offer, pleasant and comfortable resting places, advertising gadgets, gifts, invited guests or unusual stand arrangements. One of the interesting and quite often applied solutions are also various types of multimedia applications, which are discussed in more detail in this entry.


Surely, on many occasions when visiting trade fairs, you have come across totems or VR applications that provide the so-called WOW effect! Often these are simple games only smuggling a company logo somewhere between the lines, other times more or less impressive 3D walks or presentations.


But what is the value of such applications apart from the aforementioned effect? Actually… slight 🙂 So, is it worth considering reaching for such a product at all, or can you immediately conclude that it is just an expensive Soar?


From our clients experience.. definitely worth it!

On more than one occasion we have had the opportunity to support our clients from various industries at trade fairs both in Poland and abroad. We have dealt with individual applications as well as their entire systems covering a cross-section of the company’s portfolio. In total, we have prepared dozens of applications in various technologies. It is safe to say that we know our stuff. 


So what, in our opinion, makes a good investment and what solutions make sense?

Well thought-out. Designed for long-term use, not for one-off use at a trade fair. Designed for a specific user within a company.

When designing applications together with clients, we always ask ourselves – who will use it after the trade show, how and why? What will it bring to your business? How can we develop it later?

Whether the end user is the sales, marketing or training department, the most important thing for us is that the app has a life of its own and is a useful tool in everyday work. Such an approach means that, firstly, we are able to prepare something really interesting, thanks to the involvement of responsible people who know that it will be useful to them in the future, and secondly, that we can develop the product further, improve and supplement it and it will not be just a one-off sum, but added value.



By advising our clients in this way, deviating from some ideas and developing others, together we have been able to create a number of hit products that have been working brilliantly for years. And by the way, they make a WOW effect at trade fairs! 

So we encourage you to dig deeper and try to design something for your own business.

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