UDrink. Application for gastronomy and clubs.

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  • Technologies: app, mobile

UDrink is an application that allows for comprehensive order management in the gastronomy and clubs.

On the client’s side it allows you to place orders and pay for them using a smartphone. It allows you to order without leaving the table and without standing in line, with self-collection or to the table – without waiting for service. The application provides easy access to the offered menu.

On the club’s side it gives the possibility to preview orders and their quantity, number of customers, setting data in the application: menu, opening hours, prices.

It provides faster, more efficient order processing – time savings of 40%, greater comfort of bartenders’ work (no crowd at the bar, less stress and errors, social distance), easier settlements of payments, no need for the bartender to accept them. Thanks to simple operation it generates an increase in the number of orders.


Intuitive interface developed taking into account user preferences

Simple 3-step ordering system

It reduces waiting time and enables better use of the time during this waiting period, which significantly improves customer satisfaction.

It allows to execute transactions for people for whom ordering at the bar can be a problem: introverts, people who do not speak Polish, people with direct communication problems, the disabled.

It allows to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional information and a link to download the application: http://udrink.pl/.