Museum Chorzów
Virtual museum

Mobile apps

  • Client: Muzeum Chorzów
  • Technologies: Android, Augmented Reality, CI, CSS3, GROOVY/GRAILS, iOS, JS/JQUERY, JSON, MySQL, PHP, Scrum, Unity 3D, Vue.Js, WordPress
  • Page: http://muzeumgpe-chorzow.pl/

The existing fruitful cooperation with “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park” has made it possible for us to create a Virtual Museum system of mobile and web applications, that are used for the presentation of Silesian cultural heritage in Museum Chorzów. The “Virtual guide”, using the “Augmented Reality”, allows us to display information about individual elements of the exposure on the screen, and integrate exhibits with multimedia content, including spherical videos. We have created interactive animations, including “Augmented pigsty” and “Virtual grinder” and family field games based on them. In addition, we have created a new website with an administration panel for editing multimedia content in the mobile application.