Sales application for TDJ sales office


Creating a sales application for the latest and most prestigious TDJ Estate residential investment in Katowice – First District.


Multitouch table application and apartment configurator on the investment website.


Applications presenting residential investments primarily have a sales function. They must be intuitive, easy to use and contain a complete set of information needed by the seller for the presentation, and the client to make decisions – floor plans, technical parameters, price, often imported from many different file formats having a visually uninteresting form.

In the case of the First District and TDJ, however, it is also about image and prestige.


For the implementation of this project, we have proposed an individually designed touch table that fits into the elegant and modern sales office and the application intended for it presenting the entire housing offer of the housing estate under construction. The application has been integrated with the company’s sales system so that all data contained in it is current. In addition, the offer was presented on the website in the form of a apartments configurator which contained the same set of functionalities.


After conversations with customer representatives, we proposed a modular application that can be freely extended with the further functionalities. After choosing the optimal range that satisfied the client, we started work.

First of all, we wanted to emphasize the uniqueness of the investment’s location. For this purpose, we have developed a previously purchased detailed 3D model of a section of land – an area covering several square kilometers in the center of Katowice. The entire investment environment is visible in this section, i.e. the Culture Zone, Spodek or the new KTW building known to everyone. The map also indicates all the key points from the point of view of the resident such as schools, shops, cultural and sports facilities – easily sorted thanks to the filters used. A huge amount of data had to be properly developed by our team so that smooth operation and navigation in the application were possible.

The investment model itself was developed in great detail by our graphic designers from the architectural models provided by the designer – Medusa Group. Both us and the client wanted the buildings to look really good and their character to be given. To this end, our graphic designers spent several dozen hours refining the smallest details, lights, textures and elements of the environment.

Then, on the model prepared in this way, our development team implemented a number of functions that give the application functionalities:

  • View of individual floors with the option of choosing the location of the apartment
  • View of the apartments in two options – arrangement and plans
  • Apartment comparison
  • A set of several filters, including choice of floor, world side, area, price, number of rooms
  • Suggestions for similar apartments available in the estate

The application also has features helpful to sellers, such as synchronization with the sales system (updating the status of individual apartments), the ability to send the selected configuration or a short menu.

As part of the project, we also implemented a similar configurator on the investment’s website – https://pierwszadzielnica.pl/mieszkania/

The result of the project, thanks to the combination of intuitive functionality, high-class graphics and design is an application that combines usable and image functions.


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