Mobile application with an AR module

Creating a tool presenting the Davis Fabrics product offer in a non-standard but at the same time useful for the client way.

An interactive, multimedia mobile application with an AR module.

Presenting fabrics without the use of physical samplers is a challenge especially in the context of faithful reproduction of patterns and texture of materials. In addition, there is the issue of presenting the selected fabric in a way that will help the customer imagine how it could look on the furniture and encourage him to buy.

Product catalog with the ability to present all technical data on fabrics while maintaining a visually attractive, minimalist and elegant form that fits in with the brand’s style. Visualizations of materials on sample 3D furniture models both on the screen of a mobile device and in real space using the AR module at the same time attract attention, perform a presentation and use function, bringing the customer closer to the possible final effect of the selected configuration. Unconventional, eye-catching, functional solution with marketing and sales potential.

Due to the very tight implementation time for the needs of the upcoming fairs, we initially planned the basic version of the application, which will be expanded at a later date with further functionalities, mainly related to communication.

In the first version of the application we separated the basic modules:

  1. Fabric presentation module on furniture.
    In order to best present the fabrics in their target applications and give clients the most real picture, we proposed the presentation of fabrics on 3D furniture models. In the prepared studio environment (at this stage without additional arrangements), the user has the option of choosing one of five furniture, and then any fabric configuration. Fabrics can be changed globally for the whole furniture or on its individual elements, and the changes are visible in real time.
  2. Catalog module with search engine.
    We have transferred the entire fabric database together with their data to a catalog giving easy access to the product offer. Then we created a search engine, thanks to which the user has the ability to search products according to set parameters and features, view them (catalog card) and display the close-up of the fabric weave (high resolution photo).
  3. Augmented Reality module.
    The user has been given the opportunity to place the configured furniture in real space (by applying a virtual image to the image from the device camera). 
    The way the furniture is embedded in real space by means of tracking marks allows for accuracy and excludes interference. This function allows the best and most realistic representation of the selected fabric configuration.


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